Chester Robinson

Lead Barber/Operator

Chester Robinson is the lead barber and minority owner of No Grease Northlake. Chester is from Salisbury, North Carolina, and is a graduate of Park West Barber School. His favorite football team is the Green Bay Packers, and one of his favorite rappers is Nipsey Hustle. Chester aspires to open more No Grease locations with Las Vegas being number one on his list of desired locations.


Michael Parsons


Michael Parsons is a native of Chicago, IL, and a graduate of No Grease Barber School. Michael loves Chicago rap, with G Herbo being his favorite artist. Michael is a talented artist and loves to draw. Michael's ultimate goal is to open his own No Grease Barbershop.


Chris Patton

Master Barber

Chris is a Master Barber who recently join the Northlake Team to help our team until Knights of the Razor reopens in South Park mall. Chris is a Charlotte, NC native.


Classy Bryant


Classy was born and raised in Durham, NC. She is a young Mogul in the making, Being in the beauty industry is one of Classy dreams. She is passionate about hair and skin, and it shows in her services. Classy is a graduate of Bull City Barber School.


Bj Outen


BJ is our newest team member who recently graduated from No Grease Barber School. Barbering is BJ's dream job. BJ is also a prolific DJ and will continue to book gigs around his barbering schedule.


Kevin Keith


Kevin is a graduate of No Grease Barber School and the newest member of the Northlake team. Kevin is a native of Queens, New York.


Jalin Vanderhorst


Jalin is a recent graduate of No Grease Barbershop. Jalin is a native of Charlotte, NC.


Trinity Brown


Trinity is our newest concierge team member. She is passionate about hair and make-up and will be attending Aveda Insitute school. Once she graduates, she will be No Grease Barber school.